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Aromatic air freshener

Minimum order: 1000 pieces

Nothing evokes memories like a scent. They go hand in hand, which is very easy to check. Close your eyes and bring back memories of Christmas. What do you feel? Is it a baking-smelling house and a fresh Christmas tree? And if the situation is reversed – the aroma of fragrant spruce with delicate notes of resin and cones. What does it remind you of? We bet that with Christmas, we got it right?

We create our advertising gadget – an aromatic air freshener – guided by this pattern, i.e. the association of aroma with pleasant memories. Choose this advertising product for your company and you will go further along this path of good associations. When your customers open this gadget at home and when they drown in the wonderful Christmas aroma, they will remember which Santa Claus gave them such a gadget.

The decorative bottle with air freshener is packed in a cardboard box with your logo, which we will also decorate with Christmas components to make customers feel really appreciated. It’s definitely more than just a gadget!

  • capacity 50ml
  • with a full color label or a transparent sticker
  • set of 5 sticks made in an individual shape
  • all packed in a full color cardboard box
  • various scents to choose from
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