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3D beach ball

Minimum order: 10.000 pieces
  • made according to an individual project
  • with a three-dimensional element inside in any shape

Summer fun on the beach? Of course, but only with such an advertising gadget as a 3D beach ball!

This is one of the most popular promotional items, very willingly used by customers. No vacation would be the same without them. They are great if you want to move on the beach and spend time actively!

Give your customers a gadget that will make them have a great time on the beach! 3D beach balls encourage activity. This is definitely a great form of promotion for any brand. All our advertising beach balls with a 3D element are:

  • Made entirely according to an individual project
  • Available in a minimum quantity of 10,000 pieces
  • Tailored to customer needs
  • Made of durable material
  • Interesting promotional material with a three-dimensional graphic element placed inside (available in any shape)

These types of 3D beach balls are great for placing a logo or 3D element of virtually any brand! They can be adapted to the customer’s needs, thanks to which we can create a fully individual and interesting advertising product.

Imagine a crowded beach by the sea or a lake. Hundreds of people, bustle and fun. And among it an advertising gadget for your company, i.e. a 3D beach ball with a really visible brand logo! No one will pass by such a ball indifferently, and your emblem will be visible even from quite a distance! Don’t wait any longer! Choose a 3D beach ball!

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