migdały w czekoladzie

Almonds in chocolate

Minimum order: 100 sztuk

Healthy cookie

Minimum order: 100 sztuk
gra w pary

Matching game

Minimum order: 100 sztuk
zestaw świąteczny

Tea+ lemon slices in syrup

Minimum order: 200 sztuk
butelka do zaparzania

Bottle with infuser

Minimum order: 50 sztuk
fartuch świąteczny


Minimum order: 100 sztuk
pasta orzechowa

Nut paste mix

Minimum order: 100 sztuk
pasta orzechowa z kawałkami orzechów

Nut paste with pieces of nuts

Minimum order: 100 sztuk
krem kokosowy

Coconut cream in a tube

It looks like an ordinary tube with some sweet cream. You can keep it in your drawer or in your bag. It is just a…

Minimum order: 300 sztuk
ręcznik okrągły

Round towel

Have a seat!   Round towel. Why? It is because of the fact that commercial gadget should be eye-catching. Round shape is something that can…

Minimum order: 100 sztuk
miska składana dla psa

Folding Silicone Bowl

Summer, heat, holidays. Almost everyone is a fan of spending their free time in a good company. What can be better than great time in…

Minimum order: 100 sztuk

Dog/ cat ID tag

Safety first! Losing a pet is every owner the worst nightmare…   Everyone who cares of the safety of their pet should make sure that…

Minimum order: 100 sztuk
mata pod miski

A mat under a dog bowl

Who prefers dogs? Who is a cat lover? Maybe you have them both under your roof? It doesn’t matter. The most important thing is the…

Minimum order: 200 sztuk
okładka na książeczkę zdrowia psa lub kota

A cover for a pet health record

Keep healthy!   Everyone takes care of their health. We also care of our family member’s health. What about your dog, cat or guinea pig?…

Minimum order: 500 sztuk
Pojemnik na woreczki dla psa

Dog poop bags with dispenser

This gadget will impress every dog lover preffering to spend time with their dog in fresh air. Modern design makes it look impressive as a…

Minimum order: 100 sztuk
frisbee dla psa


Only dog owners know how joyful can be playing with their dog. Our Frisebee is a great example of a gadget that can give a…

Minimum order: 500 sztuk
smycz dla psa


Tie yourself!   Every dog owner during a walk is so proud when their dog looks great and elegant. Our lead is just perfect for…

Minimum order: 100 sztuk
Bandana dla psa lub kota

Bandanna for a dog or a cat

For the prettiest dog in the world!   We all like stand out from the crowd. Sometimes we all hear our hidden voice that say:…

Minimum order: 200 sztuk
czekolada pitna

Hot chocolate

Do you want your clients to feel special during Christmas time? Thanks to this gadget your company can be associated even more positively. How can…

Minimum order: 100 sztuk

Set of 4 honey jars

  There is no Christmas without presents. We impatiently wait for Santa Claus to surprise us with something awesome. You can be the Santa Claus…

Minimum order: 200 sztuk
Mucha dla psa

Bow tie for a cat/dog

Christmas time is always a perfect occasion to give presents to each other, to fulfill small or bigger dreams. We just love finding perfect presents…

Minimum order: 200 sztuk

Gingerbread cookies with logo

Minimum order: 300 sztuk
herbata świąteczna

Christmas tea

Minimum order: 200 sztuk

Gift box

Minimum order: 100 sztuk
prezent świąteczny

Christmas set number 1

Minimum order: 200 sztuk
zestaw świąteczny

Christmas set number 2

Minimum order: 100 sztuk
zestaw świateczny

Christmas set number 3

Minimum order: 100 sztuk


What do you associate Christmas with? Christmas tree? Presents? Probably yes, but to be honest it is also time for special delicious dishes. Christmas time…

Minimum order:
orzechy nerkowca


  What gadget will you choose this year? Pens? Pencils? They are very useful. Shopping bag? Great idea. Some sweets? No one will refuse. But…

Minimum order: 100 sztuk

Salty roasted almonds

It was a tough day….. Meetings, deadlines, projects. You are still in a hurry. You come back home, turn on a TV to relax. Your…

Minimum order: 100 sztuk
Migdały w czekoladzie kokosowej

Almonds in white chocolate in coconut

Pleasure in a crunchy shell. That is the way we can describe this snack. This is not only our opinion but also opinion of people…

Minimum order: 100 sztuk
Migdały w białej czekoladzie

Almonds in white chocolate

Convince your staff, business partners, clients to sin. Tempt them and please them.   Almonds in white chocolate are so tasty that no one can…

Minimum order: 100 sztuk
Migdały w czekoladzie z jagodą

Almonds in white chocolate with blueberries

Bite first almond.. sweet taste will remind you of cookies that you used to eat in your childhood. Next almond in chocolate and you will…

Minimum order: 100 sztuk

Caramel mix

Which nuts are your favourite? Peanuts, cashew nuts, almonds? Some people prefer hazelnuts others love roasted pumpkin seeds. Let’s vote….the tastiest is….crunchy mix!   This…

Minimum order: 100 sztuk

Roasted garlic peanuts

Cold winter evening with fluffy blanket, favourite book or TV series.. hmmm, is something missing? Of course, a mug of warm tea. Is something more…

Minimum order: 100 sztuk

Roasted peanuts with pepper

In winter time when at 5 p.m is already dark outside more time we used to spend at home reading a book or watching TV…

Minimum order: 100 sztuk

Soap/ Balm

For many people the more practical gift the better. Just like our liquid soap. You can use it everyday instead of hiding it in your…

Minimum order: 100 sztuk

Bath salt

Relaxation in the bath after hard day…why not? Hot water, scented bath salt, serene silence – an ideal way to end the day on a…

Minimum order: 100 sztuk


Minimum order: 3000 sztuk
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