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Food dispenser bowl with clip

Minimum order: 1000 pieces

Every cat owner knows that pouring food into a bowl is a sign of cat gluttony. Unfortunately, many cats, but also dogs, tend to eat everything out of the bowl at once. Later, they wander around the house in search of something to eat or cajole their owners for a treat.

The dispenser bowl is the answer to this problem. A simple idea and very functional. This gadget will make measuring food easier and more convenient. You might think – what’s so special about that? After all, I can always reach for something, somewhere, for a measure, for something like that … Well, something – somewhere … and our food dispenser is always at hand.

It has a clip with which you can tightly close the bag with food. You reach for the food in the morning, unfasten the clip and the measuring cup is in your hand. You don’t have to look for “something somewhere” anymore. The food dispenser bowl with a clip is a convenience. And such clever gadgets are the coolest!

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