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Cleaning teether

Minimum order: 1000 pieces

Dogs like to bite. As long as they are bones or treats that they get from the owner, biting is not a problem. Worse, when the pet starts looking for a teether somewhere in the house. The cabinet has gnawed doors and legs? Or maybe the chair has bitten armrests? Unfortunately, it’s the dog’s nature to look for something to chew on. Give it to him!

A teether that cleans your dog’s teeth solves two problems. First, your dog will have a chew toy instead of your shoes. Secondly – the teether takes care of the oral hygiene of the quadruped. Among the many gadgets for dogs, this gadget is really useful.

It’s up to you to think for your pet! You have to take care of his teeth, you have to figure out what to do so that your slippers are not “devoured” (this is another pair this year!!). Teether cleaning teeth is a gadget that will solve your problems.

Every pet owner wants the best for their friend. The teether will give joy to the dog, and you will be calmer that the new pair of slippers will not be drooling and nibbled right after you leave them in the hall.

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