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Specialized Slow Bowl

Minimum order: 1000 pieces

The scene that every dog and cat owner probably knows is morning gluttony. Of course, not the owner, but the pet. It is enough to rustle a bag of food in the morning or open a can of food to see your cat or dog magically waiting by your side. Unfortunately, it is often the case that the morning meal disappears from the bowl before you have time to leave the house. Yes, morning gluttony is probably familiar to every pet owner. It’s not much better in the evenings. But there is a way around it!

The special food-slowing bowl is perfect for four-legged gourmands. Special tabs on the bottom of the bowl make it difficult to swallow everything in one go. And calm and slow eating is a healthy stomach (this one) and the right body weight (this two).

A specialized slowdown bowl is a gadget that will make your pet’s nutrition healthier. No more stuffing, no more gluttony.

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