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A towel for wiping your pet

Minimum order: 1000 pieces

“What a downpour, what a rotten weather.” “Look how it’s pouring!.” Unfortunately, even if it was windy, pouring and thundering, you have to go outside with your dog. While you can try to hide under an umbrella, you probably know very well that no dog should miss the opportunity to stretch its paws and have fun in the rain.

It is worth having a towel for your pet at hand as soon as you enter the house. Our gadget – a wiping towel – is designed so that the entire operation runs smoothly. On the one hand, so that the animal does not get stressed, but also so that it does not manage to spread water all over the room. You put your hands in the special pockets of the towel, one, two, three and it’s ready. The dog is clean and dry.

This gadget will also be great in the bathroom after bathing your pet, but also in veterinary offices or in beauty salons for animals.

Seemingly nothing revealing – a towel, but these two pockets really make it easier to work with a dog or cat. Because not all animals like wiping, probably every pet owner knows it very well.

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