Antibacterial wipes

15 wipes per pack packing size 180 x 120 mm 6 color printing available fragrances: aloe vera, blueberry, orange, herbal, masculine

Minimum order: 5000 pieces

Antibacterial gel

capacity 50 ml full color label alcohol content over 60%

Minimum order: 1000 pieces

Protective mask

marking: full color printing

Minimum order: 500 pieces

Fragrance stand

the possibility of adding a fragrance element under the 3D element additional option: calendar or notebook marking: full color printing material: cardboard

Minimum order: 500 pieces

Disposable bed rool

length: 40 m, width: 50 cm perforation every 160 cm marking: max 3 colors

Minimum order: 500 pieces

Paper block

DL format (99 x 210mm) pages torn off on the short side 50 sheets inside marking: 4+0 printing

Minimum order: 500 pieces

Note dispenser

Individually shaped backs refill: white sheets with imprint 1 color approx. 300 sheets sample size: approx. 95 x 95 x 33mm dispenser marking: full color…

Minimum order: 500 pieces

Laryngological spatulas

 marking: full color box marking of spatulas: logo 1 color on individual packaging number of spatulas: 50 pieces

Minimum order: 2000 pieces

Pull- out block

 Tear out block  DL format (99 x 210 mm)  pages torn off on the short side  50 sheets inside  marking: 4+0 printing

Minimum order: 200 pieces

Notebook – individual shape

 format 99 x 210 mm or other to choose from  pages torn off on the short side 50 sheets inside possibility of making backs according…

Minimum order: 500 pieces

XL ruler

 full color imprint made of PVC length: 30 cm

Minimum order: 100 pieces


Just 10-20 years ago all socks looked the same. Although they differed in color – some were gray, the other black, but they had one…

Minimum order: 500 pieces


When everyone around you wants to be original, surprise, and even shock, you prefer to bet on a calm, subdued but effective advertisement. The same…

Minimum order: 1000 pieces

Ruler with a magnifying glass

What should the ad be like? Crazy? Original? Or maybe shocking? In our opinion, it should be effective and consistent with the message of the…

Minimum order: 500 pieces

Special mouse pad

Anyone who works with a computer knows what tired wrists mean. Have you heard of carpal tunnel syndrome? This is a chronic inflammation of the…

Minimum order: 1000 pieces

Mud wraps

An overloaded neck after many hours of working on the computer? Tired muscles and joints after recent workouts at the gym? Swollen legs after running…

Minimum order: 1000 pieces

Identifier clip

When the established dress code assumes that in the company we wear identifiers it is worth considering to make them look a little more interesting….

Minimum order: 3000 pieces

Tea in a box

In the morning when the spring sun is starting to peek through, in the winter cold evening watching your favorite TV series, during hard day…

Minimum order: 300 pieces

A set for sales representative

Every sales representative spends a lot of time behind the wheel, with a mobile on- talking to someone or using navigation system to reach the…

Minimum order: 2000 pieces

2 in 1 wipes

What is worth to keep handy on a desk, at the reception, in the kitchen, in a conference room? A pen? Probably yes, but in…

Minimum order: 1000 pieces

Pin badgets

Is company outfit associated with boredom? In many companies there is a belief that the clothing needs to be clean and minimalist. We do not…

Minimum order: 2000 pieces

Cover for a health book

Minimum order: 3 000 sztuk.

Contact cover

Minimum order:

Silicone cover for the stethoscope

Minimum order: 2 000 sztuk.

Self-adhesive wall board

Minimum order:

Document folder

Minimum order: 1 000 sztuk.

Diagnostic flashlight

Minimum order: 100/5 000 sztuk

Mini flashlight on a pendant

Minimum order: 5 000 sztuk.

ENT spatulas

Minimum order: 2 000/5 000 sztuk.

Underpads for a couch

Minimum order: 1000 sztuk


Minimum order: 5 000 sztuk.


Minimum order: 50 szt.
stojak na recepty

Patient card holder

Minimum order: 500 szt.

File for patient’s card

Minimum order: 1000 sztuk

Desk fragrance stand

stojak na biurko z dowolnym elementem 3D możliwość wbudowania elementu zapachowego pod element 3D dodatkowa opcja: kalendarium lub notesik zadruk full kolor materiał: karton

Minimum order: 500 sztuk

Protective masks

Minimum order: 500 sztuk

Antibacterial gel

pojemność 50 ml etykieta full kolor zawartość alkoholu powyżej 60%

Minimum order: 1 000 sztuk

Antibacterial wipes

15 sztuk chusteczek w opakowaniu rozmiar opakowania 180 x 120 mm nadruk 6 kolorów dostępne zapachy: aloes, jagoda, pomarańcz, ziołowy, męski

Minimum order: 5 000 sztuk

Antibacterial pen

hamuje za zapobiega rozwojowi bakterii utrzymuje właściwości antybakteryjne przez cały okres uzytkowania nadruk 1 kolor na klipie lub korpusie

Minimum order: 500 sztuk
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