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Pet cooling mat

Minimum order: 1000 pieces

Living under one roof with a four-legged friend is a wonderful time. The owners are crazy about their pets and try to provide them with literally everything. Tasty food or toys are the first things that come to mind, but unfortunately, it happens that you forget about a comfortable bed.

A cooling mat for pets is especially useful when it gets warm, warmer, hot outside! Animals deal with the heat in a completely different way, they look for a place where they can cool down. That’s what this gadget is for. The cooling mat is made of materials that maintain a lower temperature than the environment. Thanks to this, your pet will be able to rest on it!

Spread the mat at home, take it with you on vacation, pack it in your backpack when you go to the park with your dog. It takes so little to help your four-legged friend. A cooling mat for animals is a gadget that will become an inseparable element of every trip.

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