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Anti-fur gadget

Minimum order: 1000 pieces

Anyone who lives with a four-legged friend under one roof knows that such a life is wonderful. By the time. Remember how quickly you got annoyed with cleaning up the fur? And it is literally everywhere – it has mastered every meter of the apartment. Hair sticks to everything – to the end of the couch, to your favorite sweatshirt and to this warm sweater. But it can be dealt with as long as you have anti-lints.

Anti-lints are special hair collecting balls. Just add them to the wash and you’re done! Clothes, towels or bedding will no longer be covered with cat or dog hair – everything will stay on these magic balls. All you have to do is clean the anti-lints to reuse them for the next wash.

They are a great idea for an advertising gadget – original, and at the same time very useful. This is a gadget from the series “I wish I had known about the existence of such a miracle earlier!”. You will see that every lover of a dog, cat or other furry friend will be delighted with your company gadget. Anti-fur gadget to save clothes!

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