Dinx gadżety - gadżety reklamowe


Minimum order: 1000 pieces

I don’t think you need to convince anyone that taking care of the health of pets is our duty. A dog or a cat, no matter how smart they are, will not take care of themselves the way that human will do for them.

A toothbrush will allow you to take care of your dog’s teeth, and it is better to take care of this matter on a regular basis. In this regard, a dog is no different from a human – the less you care about the cleanliness of your teeth, the faster you will get diseases. And this is a simple way to tooth loss, and no one would want that. Even your dog!

A toothbrush for dogs is a simple gadget that will allow you to take care of the health of your four-legged friend, a tiny pooch or a large Dog with a capital “D”. Because no matter what breed your pet is, you need to take care of the condition of his teeth. And it’s not that hard at all – as long as you have a silicone toothbrush. One, two and jaws cleared.

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