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mata pod miski

A mat under a dog bowl

Minimum order: 200 pieces

Who prefers dogs? Who is a cat lover? Maybe you have them both under your roof? It doesn’t matter. The most important thing is the fact that every pet needs their own corner and bowl for food and water.


That corner can be decorated by our mats. Food and water don’t need to stand on a bare floor. We can improve it a little. Our mats are produced from cork thanks to that we can imprint on it whatever you like. Your logo can be a part of a bigger illustration or it can cover the whole area of the mat. As you wish!


What is sure is the fact that by choosing this gadget you will stand out of the crowd. Don’t wait until others will think of such a gadget. Be first! Mats under a dog bowl are very useful and impressive so they have all that commercial gadget should have!



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