okładka na książeczkę zdrowia psa lub kota

A cover for a pet health record

Keep healthy!


Everyone takes care of their health. We also care of our family member’s health. What about your dog, cat or guinea pig? They are family members too. If you love your pet, take care of them and monitor their health!


Not only people have their health books, also pets. An important issue is that the health record should be solid, because inside there is a lot of crucial information about vaccinations and past diseases. If you want to correctly protect this important data use our cover!


Our advertising gadget is made of PCV. Thanks to it our cover can protect its contents from destruction and flooding. What is the most important is the fact that we can imprint whatever you like on the cover. Your logo? Your advertising slogan? Your company address? They will be very visible on the cover. Perfect- that’s what we want in advertising!


A cover for a pet health record is a gadget that will conquer the heart of every dog or cat lover. It is not another pen or pencil, it is a perfect gadget for every pet owner!

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