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Seed bomb in a bag

Minimum order: 100 pieces

The seed bomb is a very simple way to grow plants. It is enough to scatter special balls with seeds to enjoy a flowery, natural meadow in a while. This ecological gadget does not require any special gardening skills. Forget about rakes and shovels. You don’t need fertilizers or mowing.

Seed bomb in a bag are special balls, thanks to which planting wild flowers has never been easier.

Our bomb in a bag is an eco idea for an eco gadget. Want to be eco? Do you want to become a friend of hardworking ants, beautiful butterflies and bees? Create a flower meadow for them!

Of course, the bag will be decorated with the logo of your brand, so that it is known who is behind this pro-ecological initiative. Seed bombs are a gadget just in time for spring, when nature comes to life. You can help nature to bloom by choosing this gadget!

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