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Ecological pencil

Minimum order: 200 pieces

Ecological pencil made of linden is quite a treat! 100% ecological- thanks to it your company will be also 100 % eco- friendly!

Everyone has a pencil on their desk, probably not a single one! We all know how useful it is. That is why a pencil is very universal and practical gadget.

Our ecological gadget is made of linden wood that highlights its unique character. What is more it’s easy to temper.

Choosing ecological gadget will be a clear message that your company cares of natural environment-especially because your logo will be not only on the pencil but also on the packaging.

Ecological pencil has one another surprise – on the packaging there is a box with seeds. You just need to plant it in the ground and water regularly. In order not to forget about regular watering you can use our pencil to write it down in your calendar!

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