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Anti-smog meadow

Minimum order: 200 pieces

Fresh air for everybody!

Anti-smog meadow is a gadget that is useful especially in areas with air pollution, so unfortunately also in Poland. There are some infamous statistics where Poland is one of the most polluted countries.

Our anti-smog meadow is a unique combination of seeds. From these seeds will grow out special plants. They will filter the air. We just need to plant them in a chosen place to enjoy the view of a meadow and what is even more important to help the environment.

That commercial gadget is a clear sign that your company is eco-friendly. That you chose ecological solutions, that natural environment is important to you. There will be your logo on every pocket of an anti-smog meadow.

Our anti-smog meadow is something more than a commercial gadget it is a lesson how important the fresh air is. It is a beautiful view of a meadow. This is a clear declaration- Yes, I am eco- friendly!

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