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Ecological pen

Minimum order: 200 pieces

Do you know more popular commercial gadget than a pen? Probably no! However ours is completely different! This is a pen that is almost screaming: “I’m ecological!”

How is it possible that the pen can be ecological? All thanks to the material that it’s made of. Paper case, wooden clip- all in harmony with nature! Your clients and trading partners will appreciate the fact that you are not producing additional kilograms of plastic. They will value your pro- ecological attitude!

How would they know that this ecological pen is connected with your brand? On the wooden clip there will be your logotype. How many times a day do you use a pen? 5? 10? 20? So many times somebody will look at your logo.

To highlight the pro- ecological character of the gadget there is a box with seeds on the packaging. You just need to plant it in the ground and water from time to time and after several weeks something will grow out! But what? It is a secret what plant it will be!

  • ecological manufacturing
  • personalized clip
  • individual imprint on the packaging
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