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Ecological key chain

Minimum order: 200 pieces

Set an ecological example!

Just a pendant! Not a big deal by itself but….is it really just an ordinary key chain? No! For sure, no! This is more than just a key chain.

This gadget is a clear message:” My company is eco- friendly! We care about natural environment!” Nowadays it’s extremely important.

Multiple statistics show that clients prefer brands that follow the trends. Pro- ecological attitude is something that clients appreciate the most!

Ecological pendant is made of birch plywood which meet the requirements of CARB ULEF. This only confirms that the gadget is thoroughly ecological. There is nothing worse than cheat your clients- telling about ecology and at the same time using unnatural products. With our ecological key chain your company will be authentic and true. You will see that it will gain the recognition of your clients and business partners.

Our key chain has a shape of a pine and this is because it contains seeds of a mountain pine. On the gadget there is a sticker on which we’ll place your logo. This kind of pendant will attract the attention!

  •  made of ecological materials
  •  personalized sticker
  •  4 types of clasps to choose from
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