Dinx gadżety - gadżety reklamowe

Set: honey, jam, bee bomb

Minimum order: 200 pieces

From the meadow to the table

Our set is combined of: honey, jam and bee bomb. This gadget is different from what you’ve already seen! This is something for propagators of ecology but also for a sweet teeth who love natural products. All of this connected with your brand!

Honey, jam and bee bomb are commercial gadgets gathered together to help us understand the origin of a jam and honey on our table. Bee bomb is a mixture of different flower seeds. You can have your own secret meadow. When the flowers will bloom, hardworking bees will transfer pollen further and further…That’s how we can help Mother Nature and it will return the favor so we will have tasty fruit from which we can make many jars of jam and honey.

We will prepare your perfect set so your business partners and clients have no doubts which company takes care of natural environment in such educational way. Every jar in personalized label with your imprint. The whole set is packed in personalized box. Your brand have never been so ecological!

Characteristics of the gadget:

  •  ecological commercial gadget
  •  individual design of the box
  •  personalized labels
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