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Ecological bag for vegetables

Minimum order: 500 pieces

Be eco- friendly everyday!

Ecological bag for vegetables is a simple idea how to minimize the amount of waste. Why take new foil bag every time you go to the supermarket? One for cucumbers, second for apples, third for radish. These foil bags won’t be used second time. Just imagine how many foil bags you use every month! What about the whole city? Say: STOP to foil bags!

And here comes our commercial gadget made of cotton. It is something that will become your favourite thing during shopping- you wouldn’t shop without it!

This practical gadget can be decorated with your logo. This will be a clear sign that you are eco- friendly. Your clients will appreciate that!

Be eco- recognizable and choose ecological gadgets. Ecological bag for vegetables is a great idea to promote your brand. Every single time when your clients will be shopping they will remember about your eco- friendly company!

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