Dinx gadżety - gadżety reklamowe

Seed bookmark

Minimum order: 100 pieces

There is a Chinese saying: “When I read a new book, it’s like finding a new friend, and when I read a book I’ve read, it’s like meeting an old friend.” You can never have too many good friends, just like good books. And what is inherent part of reading? A bookmark.

The advertising gadget we offer is more than just a bookmark. You could say it’s a perpetual motion machine.

There is a “pocket” attached to the bookmark, in which the seeds of the tree are located. Plant them in a pot with soil, care for them, and after two years, transplant them into the ground. This will be your own tree. And you know – the more trees, the more paper, the more paper, the more … books! Perpetuum mobile, right?

Our ecological bookmark with seeds is an original advertising gadget, something different, something interesting, and above all, something pro-ecological.

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