Dinx gadżety - gadżety reklamowe


Minimum order: 50 pieces

Sit down and relax!

Deckchairs are an ideal way to relax in the garden or on the beach. They are comfortable and you can take them everywhere with you. There is nothing better than chill out in the garden in a shade of a tree on a comfortable deckchair. On the beach where the sand is very hot such deckchair is just necessary.

Do you know that this practical gadget can attract attention with your brand colours and with your logo?

Our comfortable deckchairs are available in various colours, so for sure you will find the most suitable one! If you plan to set up the deckchairs in your company garden, we will find the solution how to combine them with the decor of the company.

Nothing special, a wooden frame and some material but the fun is even more than on the expensive massage chair. Everybody likes to relax on such deckchair. That is why this is a perfect idea for a commercial gadget. Such an extraordinary idea, something different! This is what your company is missing!

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