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Beach Towel

Minimum order: 100 pieces

Always at hand!

Is towel a good idea for a commercial gadget? Do you go to the swimming pool or to the gym? Do you go to the seaside during summer? A towel is essential everywhere, so take advantage of the situation and choose this practical gadget for your company.

Unlike most products, our towel is made of microfiber that absorbs water and dries quickly. You can take it everywhere because it’s light and fits into every bag!

Our gadget is available in various colors, sizes and patterns so you can easily choose the most suitable one! What will you choose – a handy towel with standard dimensions that will work well in the shower? Or maybe a large, beach model?

No worries! No matter which one you will pick, we will highlight your logo, so everybody knows which company is an author of the towel. Not only pens and calendars are practical commercial gadgets. You tell us what kind of towel you would like and we’ll make it for you!

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