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Rolling pin

Minimum order: 1000 pieces

A roller is an inseparable attribute of… well, who? Because in our opinion, everyone who starts making Christmas gingerbread. Because how to get to this Christmas delicacy without a decent rolling pin. On the other hand, can you imagine Christmas time without fragrant of gingerbread cookies?

And here’s a surprise. Our rolling pin is a company gadget thanks to which cookies and gingerbread cookies will take the shape of your logo. Yes, you read it right. We will create a roller for you, under which the gingerbread will look like a graphic sign of your brand. Imagine delicious and fragrant butter cookies and gingerbread in the shape of snowmen, Christmas trees and your logo.

And if you want to emphasize your company identification even more, we will place your text, brand or logo on the handle of the roller. What will you wish? Because we are such a Santa Claus for special tasks. We are not afraid of any orders.

  • made of beech wood
  • engraving 2-3 mm deep
  • possible individual production or selection from a large database of patterns
  • company engraving possible on the handle or on the shaft
  • various forms of packaging: box or candy
  • to choose from: small and large roller
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