Dinx gadżety - gadżety reklamowe


Minimum order: 500 pieces

The perfect advertising gadget that makes your logo visible practically everywhere is a bag or backpack with individual graphics. Such a gadget is very functional and will certainly be used by the recipient. And this means that your company logo will be visible, for example, at school, university, bus stop or shopping center – that is, wherever someone with a backpack or a bag with your brand’s graphics appears!

Backpacks and bags have a large format, thanks to which you can easily hide many important things in them. They are perfect to wear both to school and during trips or walks around the city. They are made of the highest quality material and closed with a string, which is placed in a tunnel.

The print is made on the backpack or bag with the utmost care. The customer can choose graphics that are created individually for him. Design your amazing advertising gadget with us! Make your logo visible virtually everywhere.

It is possible to make it in any Pantone color

Individual full color graphics can be placed on the bag

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