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czekolada pitna

Hot chocolate

Minimum order: 100 pieces

Do you want your clients to feel special during Christmas time? Thanks to this gadget your company can be associated even more positively. How can we make a cold rainy day better? How can we warm ourselves up after winter walk? How can we relax ourselves in a pre-Christmas hurry?


Hot chocolate is an excellence idea for an extraordinary gadget/gift. A pen or a calendar are very useful but having hot chocolate at hand during winter time is priceless. Great scent, amazing taste- it will let you calm down and relax. There is only one problem- our hot chocolate is so tasty that you want more and more!


We can prepare hot chocolate in personalized box on which we put your brand and logo. Therefore it will be obvious who is the donator of such a sweet gadget. Additional Christmas ornaments will turn it into a perfect Christmas gift!

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