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Beach bag

Minimum order: 100 pieces

Everything at hand!

Everyone who have never taken a towel, a blanket, a ball, some sun cream, binoculars and a book on the beach doesn’t know what it means to go to the beach.

Beach bag is an obligatory equipment for holiday trips. It’s big, light and capacious, so it’s perfect for carrying everything you need. In addition to this, bag holders are very comfortable and the material is solid.

Equipped like that you can confidently go to the beach to spend there whole day. Everyone around will pay attention to one thing- perfectly highlighted logo on the bag. It is not a logo of the producer but logotype of your company! We will personalize this gadget especially for you! Thanks to it your brand will be visible and recognizable.

No matter if this is a beach in Mielno or in St. Tropez- your logo will be there thanks to our gadget. Your partners and clients will appreciate the fact that they received such a useful summer gadget. They will no longer suffer carrying balls, towels and food under their arm.

1,2,3.. and everything is perfectly packed into your commercial beach bag!

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