Dinx gadżety - gadżety reklamowe

zestaw świąteczny

Set of 4 honey jars

Minimum order: 200 pieces


There is no Christmas without presents. We impatiently wait for Santa Claus to surprise us with something awesome. You can be the Santa Claus for your clients and trading partners.


This set is an ideal advertising gadget to promote your company. In our set you can find four various types of honey: multiflower honey, raspberry honey, linden honey, buckwheat honey.

Everybody will appreciate this kind of present.


Honey is a perfect gift for winter time. It can be an addition to winter tea or coffee. It will also taste great on a sandwich. You can also eat it from a jar. It depends on you. Our set can be decorated with Christmas elements and your logo. You choose the way the present will look like. It is a great idea for a gift for your partners and co-workers!

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