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Christmas tree + cookie cutters

Minimum order: 500 pieces

What are holidays associated with? Many people will certainly enjoy a fragrant Christmas tree and homemade cookies. How to combine both of these things? Our Christmas gift box is enough!

In it you will find a cute, small, decorative Christmas tree and a set of Christmas cookie and gingerbread molds. A gadget in this form is a charming gift that will certainly put your customers or employees in a Christmas mood.

The Christmas tree and cookie cutters are placed in a cardboard, decorative gift box. The molds available in the cardboard box have various Christmas shapes. With their help, you can prepare beautiful Christmas gingerbread cookies. Both on the packaging for cutters and on the cover of the tree, you can put a login and Christmas wishes. Similarly with the packaging – it may also contain your company’s logo and name.

Give others a Christmas atmosphere enclosed in a decorative box. Let them also feel the magic of the upcoming holidays.

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