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Hot water bottle

Minimum order: 3000 pieces

Anyone who comes home cold and wet knows what a wonderful product a hot water bottle is. The heat that comes from it spreads through all bones and muscles. A long time ago, these were rubber, unpleasant and unattractive bags. But now! Although their use has not changed over the years, modern hot water bottles look simply wonderful.

And did you know that they can look even better? Yes, with your brand logo. A hot water bottle is a great idea for an advertising gadget – original and extraordinary. And at the same time very practical– this is something that your customers will certainly appreciate.

The advertising hot water bottle is covered with a pleasant plush in any color, on which we will embroider your company logo. The next time a customer comes home and says “Brrrr I’m cold”, they will be able to use your gift. And they will immediately see which company took such good care of them. Because there is nothing more pleasant than warming up on a cold winter evening.

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