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Special mouse pad

Minimum order: 1000 pieces

Anyone who works with a computer knows what tired wrists mean. Have you heard of carpal tunnel syndrome? This is a chronic inflammation of the joints, which is the result of overloading the hands with long hours of work at the computer. Some even say that it is a disease of civilization!

No, we’re not scaring, we’re just telling it like it is. But we also know the solution!

A mouse pad with a pillow is not only an advertising gadget, it is a relief for hands and wrists. Whoever tries to work with a pad with a special cushion at least once will never give up. Relief is felt after a few days of work, and imagine how it will help your wrists when you use such a pad every day.

Can you imagine more useful corporate gadget?

Of course, we will personalize the mouse pad – we will make it in your colors, with the brand logo, with the advertising slogan.

All this so that every customer you give this gadget to remember who cares about health and comfort at work.

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