Dinx gadżety - gadżety reklamowe

Identifier clip

Minimum order: 3000 pieces

When the established dress code assumes that in the company we wear identifiers it is worth considering to make them look a little more interesting. The identifier itself needs to be readable so we suggest to diversify the clip. It can really turn the boring identifier into an interesting pendant.

An apron, a shirt, a company’s jacket can look merrier when you add your personalized clip.

Different for the customer service department, different for technical department- we can adjust everything!

We make the clips from silicone and thanks to their shape and color can distinguish various groups in the company, but above all distinguish your company.

Perception is reality- you know that, right? Although you should not judge anyone or anything by appearance, there is no need to falsify reality- the first impression is made only once. So make sure that a detail such as a badge clip attracts attention and evokes positive associations

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