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Luminous laces

Minimum order: 5000 pieces

What advertising gadget should you choose to keep your company moving with the times? What to choose if your target are young people? How to catch their attention?

Choose luminous laces with a label advertising the brand!

This is an excellent solution that will work especially among young recipients. This is not a classic solution, so the gadget will not be thrown into the corner and forgotten.

Luminous laces will make the recipient stand out from the crowd. They shine in the dark. It is enough that they will be exposed earlier, e.g. in the sun. It is really a very original advertising gadget. Where then can your company logo be placed? Directly on the label! This is the best place to log in! Any inscription, large logo or other advertising message can be placed here. The entire label is individually designed in full color.

Choose our luminous laces if you want to surprise your customers. Models in different colors to choose from.

Match the advertising gadget to your audience! Choose modern and interesting solutions that will appeal to customers – choose luminous laces with an individual label!

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