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Candle in a closed jar

Minimum order: 500 pieces

The smell wafting around the house… a delicate aroma of vanilla or peeled oranges… doesn’t that immediately evoke a pleasant atmosphere? Yes, of course! Therefore, give your clients, relatives or colleagues an elegant gift, which is also a stylish advertising gadget for your company.

Give them a candle in a closed jar – a hit of recent years.

A candle in a closed jar is a great way to keep its scent for a long time. Tight packaging means that the product does not weather, and your customers can enjoy the Christmas aroma for many months.

Candles in a jar, which will be a great gift for everyone, is an option to give someone a bit of magic. Fragrances available in our offer include:





Marking: sticker, label.

Packing: box, bag

Additional option: ribbon

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