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Mud wraps

Minimum order: 1000 pieces

An overloaded neck after many hours of working on the computer? Tired muscles and joints after recent workouts at the gym? Swollen legs after running around the town?

It would be nice to go on vacation or to a sanatorium to recharge the batteries. Or at least a spa massage to relieve muscles and joints pain.

How about if we told you that you can have a spa and sanatorium in your own home?

Mud wraps are a kind of healing compress that soothes inflammation, relaxes muscles and relaxes you.

It is not without a reason that in sanatoriums and health resorts mud is used to treat various diseases.

Now you can have the same effect at hand thanks to mud wraps.

It is a company gadget other than another pen, notebook or calendar. This time it’s a dose of health and relaxation. We pack the slices in a box that we will personalize in such a way that the gadget is clearly associated with your brand.

Anyone who uses mud wraps at least once and feels relief will certainly come back to this form of relaxation. Spa at home – why not!?

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