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Patient card folder

Minimum order: 1000 pieces


The perfect way to have everything at hand? The answer is simple – folders with the company’s logo for storing documents, especially prescriptions and test results. What’s more, it is an excellent advertising gadget with personalized print! Organized papers hidden in a plastic folder signed with the name of your product or company is an excellent advertising medium. It is a very practical gadget, and at the same time an absolutely unconventional way to promote the brand. Who would not like to receive a folder with compartments, bearing your company logo?

There are multiple advantages of this type of gadget. First of all, the folder for storing tests and prescriptions is very functional, because it allows you to:

-organize documents

-have maximum protection of all papers (it is made of PVC, which ensures that documents do not get wet, regardless of whether water is spilled on them or rain falls)

-placement of your company’s advertising content (we provide full personalization of the print design in full color)

Folders of this type are perfect for storing medical data by both doctors and medical staff, as well as for hiding prescriptions or medical examinations directly by patients. A folder with your company logo is made with the utmost care – it has a number of decorative details that make it look great.

The printed advertising gadgets we offer, in this case folders for storing tests and prescriptions with your company’s logo, are fully personalized items that will ensure effective promotion of your products or services.

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