Dinx gadżety - gadżety reklamowe


Minimum order: 500 pieces

Just 10-20 years ago all socks looked the same. Although they differed in color – some were gray, the other black, but they had one thing in common: unobtrusiveness. As if socks were some kind of taboo. Those who wanted to stand out wore white sports socks with every outfit. Brrr… We know much better way.

DINX cotton socks can be decorated with any pattern, any color, and all this to make the socks visible. Yes, yes, this time we do not hide them, but we present them with dignity because it’s your advertising gadget! What was unthinkable a dozen years ago has become fashionable today. Use it and present yourself to the world. What will you choose- socks with your logo, with an advertising slogan, or maybe in your brand colors?

One thing is certain- each of these versions is an idea for an unconventional company gadget. Do you want something extraordinary, do you want to shine, do you want to be original? Choose cotton socks and we will match them (No, no!! Not to the foot) to your brand.

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