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Roasted garlic peanuts

Minimum order: 100 pieces

Cold winter evening with fluffy blanket, favourite book or TV series.. hmmm, is something missing? Of course, a mug of warm tea. Is something more missing? What if we eat something crunchy?


Roasted peanuts is a common snack. We suggest something special- well known nuts but with addition of garlic. Creative combination? Definitely! Great commercial gadget? For sure!


Choose peanuts with garlic as your commercial gift. We can pack it for you into personalized packet with your logo. Prove that you are creative- chose extraordinary gadget! Surprise your co- workers, surprise your clients!


Who can receive such gift? You can give it to anybody and brighten their day. A pack of garlic peanuts is great idea for a movie night or as a snack after tough meeting in the office. Bon Appetit!







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