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Mini honey + blooming tea

Minimum order: 500 pieces

Are you looking for an elegant and stylish Christmas gift? Or maybe you want to give your clients or employees something interesting with your company’s logo? If so, we have an offer that will surely suit your taste.

Mini honey with a full color label together with exotic blooming tea is a sublime gift idea. Regardless of what industry you are from – it will work for everyone.

Give this unique Christmas gadget as a Christmas present!

The Christmas gift box with a window contains a high-quality honey jar. It has a full color label on which we can put Christmas wishes, graphics or a logo with the name of your brand. The package also includes a blooming tea, which, when placed in hot water, turns from a small ball into a beautiful tea flower. There will not be a person who will not enjoy such a Christmas gadget.

The whole thing is completed with an elegant Christmas box with a window in the shape of a Christmas tree. We can also put your brand name or logo on the cardboard.

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