Dinx gadżety - gadżety reklamowe

krem kokosowy

Coconut cream in a tube

Minimum order: 300 pieces

It looks like an ordinary tube with some sweet cream. You can keep it in your drawer or in your bag. It is just a snack. But is it really?


Just taste it and you will already know what makes it work. Every single sip takes you to the tropical beach where the sun is shining and where you can hear the sounds of the sea. Blissfully!


You can give it to your trading partners, clients, co-workers. Coconut bliss! Coconut cream is hidden in a personalized tube with your brand and logo.


So, this is not just an ordinary snack in a tube, coconut cream gives a clear message: “I would like to give you all the best just like my company!” Bon Appetit!


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