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Commercial bars

Minimum order: 100 pieces

This is not an ordinary commercial gadget. It is also not a typical bar. It is something more. It is a moment of chocolate pleasure when you drink your coffee. It is a taste of strawberries during winter time. It is a sweet brownie after dinner.

And all connected to your company. Sounds great? It tastes the same!

Commercial bars are great idea to present your company. There are several flavors to choose from. What is more, we can create different flavor if you wish.

Which one is the tastiest? Opinions are divided. Is blackcurrant with coconut better than coca with an orange? Classic brownie also has its fans. So which one to choose?

We pack the bar into chosen packet- there will be your logotype on it (full color imprint). Thanks to this your clients will know who is responsible for such a tasty gadget. No matter what kind of business you run, this commercial gadget will be a perfect choice, because everyone likes sweet snacks.

Characteristics of the gadget:

  •  several flavors
  •  low sugar content
  •  natural ingredients
  •  full color imprint
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