Dinx gadżety - gadżety reklamowe

Set- dried cranberries and cranberries in chocolate

Minimum order: 200 pieces

Vitamin bomb for your clients!

Cranberries are a clear message that health and wellbeing of your clients is important to you. Instead of giving them another pen, which will unexpectedly disappear in the drawer you can give them a set of cranberries- a dose of health and vitamins. This is a gadget you would like to eat!

Cranberries came back to the diet of people in a form of a snack or addition to meat, sauces or cakes. The reason is obvious- cranberry is a vitamin bomb, source of vitamins which have positive influence on our body. Are you able to give your clients something healthier?

A set of cranberries packed into 2 separate boxes. In one of them there are dried cranberries and in the second one- cranberries in chocolate. Boxes are connected with each other by an elegant wrapper on which we can put a logo of your brand. Thanks to it, your business partners will know which company takes care of their health.

Characteristics of the gadget:

  •  personalized wrapper with logotype
  •  paper boxes with windows
  •  full color imprint
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