Dinx gadżety - gadżety reklamowe


Minimum order: 500 pieces
  • freedom of choosing the type of honey (multiflower, linden, etc.)
  • full color printing on the packaging
  • packing in carton or wooden case

Sweet, healthy, and at the same time in a charming packaging – these are the promotional honeys available in our offer!

Small jars filled with tasty honey are certainly a promotional gadget that will be gladly seen by customers. This is something different than traditional advertising materials, such as notebooks or pens. Food products bearing your company’s logo are always welcomed with joy and smile.

Choose honey for your advertising gadget and delight your customers. Our offer includes various types of this amber specialty. You can choose, for example, multiflorous bee honey, which has a sweet, mild flavor and a delicate color. Perfect for everyone, including children. Do you prefer a different type of honey? In our offer you can choose from various options!

Honey will be an ideal advertising gadget, especially in autumn, during the period of flu and colds. It alleviates the course of diseases and heals the lower respiratory tract. So it is worth thinking about using it as promotional material during this period. By choosing the honeys available in our offer, you can count on:

  • Full freedom in choosing the type of honey (available, among others, multiflorous honey, linden honey, buckwheat honey, acacia honey)
  • Full color printing on the packaging
  • Customized decorative elements on the lid
  • Packing in a cardboard box or a wooden box
  • Availability in a minimum quantity of 500 pieces

Our honeys are great as an advertising gadget with your company’s logo.

It is a perfect gift for employees, co-workers and business partners. The promotional honeys we offer are very popular and guarantee the highest quality.

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