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Cranberry in chocolate

Minimum order: 100 pieces

Sweet and sour advertisement

Cranberry in chocolate- for some people this is the only way to eat cranberries. On the one hand, bare fruit without coating is too sour, but on the other hand there is also a big group of people that loves that sour taste. Cranberries in chocolate can replace unhealthy sweets or salty snacks. Choose healthy alternative!

Cranberry is a symbol of health, source of vitamins and minerals, which have positive influence on almost every aspect of human health. Unfortunately its sour taste is not acceptable by some. That is why cranberries in chocolate are great solution! Such commercial gadget can be a perfect present!

When your client needs a break and needs to eat something light and healthy, they will reach for your snack!

Cranberry in chocolate is packed in doy pack, which provide its freshness. What’s the most important – on the packet there is a sticker with your logo. Your business partners will appreciate not only its great taste but also the fact that your company offers such healthy commercial snacks.

Characteristics of the gadget:

  •  doy pack packaging
  •  personalized label
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