Dinx gadżety - gadżety reklamowe

Colorful stamps

Minimum order: 5000 pieces

A gadget for children that entertains and develops creativity at the same time? These are colorful advertising stamps with your company’s theme.

Playing with stamps is a great way to spend time – such a gadget will certainly not be quickly abandoned by the child. They support the development of imagination, teach precise hand maneuvering and develop dexterity. In addition, they are completely safe to use.

Colorful stamp are  perfect gadgets for every industry.

It will be perfect as a gift, regardless of whether you have your brand hero, whether you want to put a logo or any other theme on it.

Stamps can be stamped on a piece of paper, colored with crayons or felt-tip pens, or used to decorate drawings.

Gadget in the form of colored stamps:

  • can be made according to an individually designed pattern
  • have a casing in any Pantone color
  • your company logo may be placed on the case
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