Dinx gadżety - gadżety reklamowe

Honey + nuts in a package with a window

Minimum order: 500 pieces

We have a tasty idea for a Christmas gift. What is that? This is our unique gadget package in the form of elegantly packaged honey, placed in one box with nuts in a package with a window.

Edible Christmas gadgets are the best gift idea!

In this set you will find the highest quality, all-natural honey placed in an elegant jar. We place a full color label with Christmas wishes, any graphics or your company logo on it. But that’s not all. In the box we also put delicious nuts, hidden in a charming, Christmas package with a window. As in the case of the label on honey, here we can print any inscription or brand logo on the cardboard. Both of these gadgets are enclosed in an elegant transparent cardboard box, surrounded by a bow.

Give your contractors, employees or loved ones this beautiful gift set. This is a Christmas gift for companies that no one will pass by indifferently.

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