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Pharmaceutical gadgets – ranking

03 / 08 / 2020

We have prepared a ranking of pharmaceutical gadgets that have been positively received by doctors. Check out what doctors and pharmacists like best. See what gadgets they like to use! – Pharmaceutical gadgets – 2017 ranking below:

Tongue Blades

Who doesn’t even know the phrase “open your mouth, please?” Tongue blades are definitely number ONE.

Both paediatricians and general practitioners use them a lot in their work.

Tongue blades can be sterile or non-sterile. Packed in tissue paper on which we print. Then we pack them in collective cardboard boxes, metal cans or cardboard tubes with full-colour graphic design.

Tissues in customized shapes

Tissues in customized boxes will work in every doctor’s office. Medics need them for their work every day.

Make the object they use repeatedly during their workday also a place for your advertisement. Your product will be associated with what is always at hand.  We make tissue boxes in various shapes. From round, square to a customized shape.

Diagnostic Flash Light

To diagnose a disease properly, a medic needs to look deep into the throat. A diagnostic flash light is necessary to do this. We can make the flash lights in Pantone colour and then print or engrave your logo on them.

Couch Mat

During the autumn and winter seasons our shoes get soaked and dirty. And all this because of the prevailing weather conditions. Remember to keep your practices clean! Doctors keep their workplace tidy. Help them and offer a couch mat in any size and with full-colour print design.

Medical File Folders

Another gadget that must be in every doctor’s office. The medical file folders are made of PP foil with any full-colour print design.

Prescription Pad Holders

In autumn, doctors often visit their patients at home. Such prescription pad holder may be an essential item to take. The prescription pad holder can be made with any full-colour print design.

Patient Record Holder

Order is a must, so our number seven is a patient record holder. The holder is made in any Pantone colour with printed logo or full-colour sticker. The product is made of durable material, so it can stay in a doctor’s office for many years.

Coat Hangers in Customized Shapes

Hanger, a standard thing? Not here. Surprise your customers with a hanger in a customized shape. It is an essential gadget for doctors and their patients.


A patient lying down on the couch will be pleased to relax on a soft pillow with colourful graphic design or a company’s logo.

A pillow with your logo? Your product will always be associated with something pleasant.


There are always a lot of documents on doctor’s desk. Prescriptions, leaflets, patient records, books… A leaflet is definitely not a product that is supposed to mark a page in a book, and yet it usually does. Meet the expectations and offer a perfect gadget in the form of a bookmark!

If you need more inspiration for pharmaceutical gadgets – WRITE TO US! We are waiting 🙂