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Summer without gadgets? That’s rather impossible!

Sun, beach, sea breeze … Don’t don’t you need anything else to be happy? Until you see how a few simple gadgets can turn your holiday into even more fun! Summer’s around the corner, so it’s worth taking a look at some of the essential gadgets.

  • Out-of-the-box gadgets are sure to attract the attention of all customers and business partners.

» Unique beach towel

Taking advantage of our well-deserved free time, we indulge in sweet laziness… One of the essentials while relaxing is a beach towel.

Trivial solutions? It’s not us! So… advertising towels don’t have to be in standard shapes! Create an individual design with us and stand out on the beach!

  • The beach towel will decorate many leisure places with your logo.

We make advertising towels from different materials, in different sizes. We can make beautiful embroideries or a full-colour print design on them. You can read more about our towel range here: Click https://dinxgadzety.pl/aktualnosci/reczniczki-kropeczki-lo-ho-ho-ho-czyli-slow-o-recznikach-reklamowych/

  • If you want your customers to associate your company with a pleasant summer time, summer gadgets will be a great idea!

» Inflatable Armbands

Summer is the time when many kids start their adventure with water sports, thus inflatable armbands will be essential. This summer gadget will help stay afloat and get used to swimming without a swim ring, providing comfort and safety.

  • Summer holiday is a great time to promote a company and services it offers.

» 3D Inflatable Beach Ball

Summer time mean an active recreation… A beach ball is a great gadget that can be used by both the youngest and adult beachgoers. The game, full of sporting thrill, played with the advertising ball, will catch the eye of many beachgoers!

» ID Armband

Summer gadgets are not only for fun, we also thought about safety!

When going on holiday to highly populated places such as a beach, it is important to remember about safety, so why not putting on a band on your child’s arm with name or phone number. When a little one disappears from our sight, an alert person who comes across our child will call us immediately. A little gadget that will help save everyone stress and trouble.

  • Summer gadgets are a great way to reach customers, but also to attract new ones.

» Logo Stamping Flip-Flops

This gadget is definitely not a standard solution! Your logo will be visible everywhere! Logo stamping flip-flops is a real hit! It will certainly come as a surprise for many!