data dodania: 03-08-2020


International Children’s Day is coming up, so it’s the perfect time to take care of the little ones! Children will certainly enjoy every gift and will use it at every possible opportunity. Hard to imagine more sincere and grateful recipients.

There are plenty of good ideas for gadgets for kids… for example,all related to the school starter kit – crayons, pens, pencils, notebooks – kids love it!

Another great idea is healthy snacks, such as nuts, dried vegetables or fruit. We can brand all these gadgets in a colourful way so that they please the eye and of course show who the gift comes from!

We have chosen several proposals for you and created:


In our ranking you will find gadgets that will make children’s time more enjoyable, both at home and outside. There’s something for everyone.

In addition, we encourage you to visit the “Inspirations” tab where you will find a lot of gadget ideas that will definitely bring a smile to your child’s face.

1. Skipping rope in any colour, packed in a customized beautiful wrapper. To spice up the sporting atmosphere, we can offer a skipping rope counter that every family member will be able to use J Family competition and a light competitiveness will make your game more attractive!

2. Rubber band. We all remember how fun the rubber band jumping game was for us. Movement and fun in one.

3. Matching game. That’s our smash hit! Fully printed product. Created from scratch at Client’s request. Sensational advertising medium and great fun!  

4. Odd socks. A perfect all-year gadget but more exposed in the summer months. Everyone will want colourful and fashionable socks with your logo!

5. Bag with reflective elements. Perfect for holiday travels, but also when you return to school! Reflective elements are the added value of this bag! Remember about safety !6. Coloured chalk, packed in a box with a printed design. Every child likes to create – especially on a larger plane than A4 format – then the joy is immense.


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